Project Management

With Leadership, Experience and Methodology, we ensure Successful Projects

¿How to meet a Succesful Project ?

Every company or organization needs to implement ideas, whether for new products or services, improve processes or implement new technologies via Projects Implementation…

At IDECOL, we know how to define, measure and execute the activities required to achieve the objectives.

We look for and  manage resources, both human and economic, to meet objectives and goals.

Having the support of expert people and teams is the first step to ensure success in any project.

We can help you!

Well defined Objectives

A Project with Clear Objectives  decreases costs and achieves the expected results.


Good Communication methods

Projects must have efficient and fluid communication between all involved stakeholders.

Leadership and Planning

Projects go ahead with adequate planning managed and led by an expert team.

IDECOL´s Value Offer for You

A Team of Experts to help you to manage your Projects

We have at your disposal professional staff specialized in Project Management,  Technology Management and certified with world standards such as BA, PMP, RCDD, ITIL, which allows us to guarantee you high-quality results, supported by our extensive experience managing Technology Projects in Telecommunications and Implementation of Efficient Energies.

We are able to manage projects in:

Telecommunications and networks

Electric Power

Electronic Security

Energy Efficiency


Information Technology