Telecommunications and Corporate Networks

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Technological Integration

Today it is very difficult to talk about Technology, Telecommunications and Corporate Networks, as isolated elements in a company.

Companies must adapt and respond quickly and in a timely manner to the challenges that the markets pose to them, and they require technological platforms capable of supporting and supporting said changes.

This is achieved by INTEGRATING the elements that make up these platforms: Technology, Corporate Networks and Telecommunications, in addition to efficient management of energy resources.

Some APPLICATIONS in which IDECOL has worked are:

Corporate Intranet and Extranet.

Corporate Applications Support .


Professional and Technical Staff Outsourcing.

Information and Electronic Security

Telephony and Voice Over IP Solutions

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We analyze and integrate your Technological Platform, so that it Easily Adapts to Changes, Saving Costs.

Perhaps thinking about Integrating the elements of the Technological Platform is a very high risk in terms of time, costs and continuity of your company… However, the COSTS of not adapting to the new realities can be much higher.

So before any proposal, we will make a study and a diagnosis of the current state of your technology platform, focused on the changes or improvements required to optimize it, without incurring high costs.

With defined procedures, tools and instruments of QUALITY, we guarantee the implementation and continuity of your Technological Platform before, during and after the changes made.

Some activities we do:

Site Surveys

Installations of LAN and WAN Networks

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

Network Traffic Analysis


Network Integration

Structured Cabling

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